#2. All Money Ain’t Good Money

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Never let anyone put a price tag on you.

You may have heard the old phrase, “All Money Ain’t Good Money” . . .  and that’s true!  Once someone realizes that money makes your world go ’round they will always tease you with gifts here and there and at the drop of a dime, literally, put you down, belittle you on the cool or deem themselves as unavailable when you really need them.  They will never release to you what you are really deserving of because they can’t.  They are not capable of releasing true love, real friendship and the type of loyalty you deserve.  They simply cannot give you what they do not have.

So stop acting needy in a not-so-modest kind-of-way and look to the hills from whence cometh your help.  Your help cometh from the Lord (Psalms 121:1-2).  His promises are yea and amen and he never go back on his spoken word over your life.  He will always satisfy all your needs and fulfill all that you could want for.

Position yourself to be independent and self-sustaining.  Set goals for yourself and work toward achieving them.  And, if you do fall a little short, it’s ok to seek help.  But what is not ok is to submit to the ways of others by allowing them to use your bump in the road to satisfy their idiosyncrasies of what real friendship is all about.


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