#5 On Building Self Esteem

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This is the advice I recently gave to one of my students who I believed struggles with affirmation from others…

Never let your environment dictate how you feel about yourself. Your talent may be enough to get your there, but it will not be enough to sustain you. You have to have confidence in who you are no matter what others think, feel or say about you.

People respond to you according to how you respond to you.

When you wake up in the morning and look yourself in the mirror, you have to be happy with the person you see.

If you’re not happy with who you see, no one else will be…
If you do not love you, how dare you expect someone else to love you.

You are a beautiful person with a unique personality, so embrace it till the end!
And, once you change how you see yourself, everyone else will. AND, if they don’t ever change, so what.

OWN WHO YOU ARE and LOVE YOURSELF unapologetically!


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